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If you’ve recently been involved in an accident or suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence while in East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, understanding your legal options is vital. An East Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of Nevada’s personal injury laws and fight tirelessly for the compensation and justice you deserve.

Whether it’s negotiating with insurance companies or taking a case to trial if necessary, having an experienced personal injury attorney can make a significant difference and gives you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. If you need an East Las Vegas personal injury attorney, contact Battle Born Injury Lawyers near East Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, at 702-570-9000 to schedule a free consultation. 

How Our East Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Damages

Here's how our East Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Battle Born Injury Lawyers can assist - 10789 W. Twain Avenue #100, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Our team of East Las Vegas personal injury attorneys is ready to help you pursue the full damages entitled to you for your injuries and losses. 

Here’s how our East Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Battle Born Injury Lawyers can assist: 

  • We thoroughly investigate all aspects of your accident, gathering evidence that includes police reports, witness statements, medical records, and video footage when available.
  • Our legal team calculates both economic and non-economic damages related to your injuries so we can fight for compensation that fully covers your immediate expenses and your future needs.
  • You can avoid stressful negotiations with insurance companies as we will handle all communication on your behalf to ensure you get what you deserve.
  • If the case can’t be settled, we will fight for you at trial in front of a judge or jury.

If you need help after an accident in East Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Battle Born Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation with an East Las Vegas personal injury attorney. 

The History of the East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Whitney, formerly known as East Las Vegas, is an unincorporated town in Clark County, Nevada. The area has seen various educational and infrastructural developments over the years, including the establishment of Whitney Elementary School and expansions in local housing. Whitney is home to Sam Boyd Stadium, a significant venue for college football in the region. 

Over the years, the demographics have shifted, showing a diverse community. The town’s proximity to major cities like Las Vegas and Henderson, coupled with its evolving local government and community services, continues to shape its development and cultural landscape.

Some of East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV most notable attractions include:

How to Get To Battle Born Injury Lawyers From East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV?

Driving Directions

  • Head west on E Bonanza Rd toward N 30th St
  • Turn left onto Las Vegas Blvd N
  • Turn right onto E Clark Ave
  • Turn right onto S 4th St
  • Turn left onto Lewis Ave
  • Battle Born Injury Lawyers will be on the left.

Public Transport Directions

Walk to WB Bonanza after Mojave for about 2 minutes (0.1 miles) from East Las Vegas. Take bus 215 Bonanza Westbound, which will take you to SB Las Vegas before Clark in about 15 minutes. After a 4-minute walk (0.2 miles), you’ll get to Battle Born Injury Lawyers.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas

Our personal injury law firm offers specialized knowledge and experience across a range of practice areas to ensure you receive expert representation no matter how your injury occurred. The following are some of the areas we handle:

Car Accidents

Our lawyers examine the details surrounding your car accident to establish fault, deal with insurance adjusters, and pursue a claim that reflects the true extent of your losses.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are known to be very risky for workers and sometimes passersby as well. If you were injured in a construction accident, we can determine if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation or if you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycling brings an increased risk of injury on the roads. We are equipped to tackle these cases, addressing common biases against motorcyclists and fighting for your rights when faced with serious motorcycle accident injuries.

Slip & Fall

Injuries from slips and falls can occur anywhere and might be a result of negligence, like an unsafe walkway or a spill in a store. Our attorneys closely investigate the circumstances leading to your fall and hold responsible parties accountable.

Truck Accidents

We understand that collisions with commercial trucks can be catastrophic. Our attorneys are well-versed in federal trucking regulations and will work to uncover whether negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company contributed to your injuries.

Wrongful Death

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Our compassionate legal team can guide you through this difficult time and help you get justice and financial support.

No matter what kind of injury or loss you’re facing, we’re here for you.

Damages Available in East Las Vegas Personal Injury Cases

In East Las Vegas personal injury cases, you may be eligible for a variety of damages depending on the specifics of your case. Here’s a look at what might be available:

Economic Damages

Economic damages compensate you for direct financial losses resulting from the incident, such as medical bills, lost wages and decreased earning capacity, property damage, and other quantifiable losses that come from your injury.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages compensate for the more abstract yet significant effects of an injury that don’t have a specific monetary value. This includes pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, or permanent disability.

Punitive Damages

In instances where the defendant’s conduct is found to be particularly harmful, punitive damages may be awarded. These are not tied to any specific loss suffered by the injured party but are intended to punish the defendant for their actions and serve as a deterrent against future misconduct. 

What Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Clark County?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Clark County typically involves what’s known as a contingency fee arrangement. This means that you don’t pay any upfront costs or hourly attorney fees when you enter into this agreement. Instead, your lawyer will receive a percentage of any settlement or court award they secure on your behalf.

Under such an arrangement, if no compensation is won, no legal fees are owed. This allows you to pursue justice and compensation without the stress of upfront legal expenses. The percentage your attorney receives varies but is generally between 33% and 40%.

Statute of Limitations in Nevada Personal Injury Cases

In Nevada, the statute of limitations for most personal injury cases is two years from the date of the injury. This means you have two years to file a lawsuit against those responsible for your injuries. However, there are some exceptions that can either shorten or extend this timeframe.

Because there may be unique circumstances or specific laws that affect how long you actually have to file a claim – like cases involving government entities or when an injury wasn’t discovered right away – it’s essential to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible following an accident to ensure you don’t miss your chance.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With an East Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, working with a personal injury lawyer is essential. They can help you understand your rights and options under Nevada law and provide clear guidance on what steps to take next when pursuing compensation for your injuries. Don’t let uncertainty around your injury and potential claim add to the stress you’re already facing. Contact Battle Born Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation with an East Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

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