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Have you recently been assaulted in Las Vegas, Nevada? You may have the right to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress. The experienced Las Vegas assault injury lawyers at Battle Born Injury Lawyers are ready to stand up and fight to get you every cent you deserve.

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How Battle Born Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’re the Victim of Assault in Las Vegas, NV

How Battle Born Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’re the Victim of Assault in Las Vegas, NV

The person who assaulted you might face criminal charges for their actions. However, that won’t cover the costs of your medical care or make up for the suffering they’ve caused. Fortunately, you have the right to file a civil assault lawsuit against them – as well as anyone else who might have contributed to your injuries.

Our experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyers can help you take on tough defense attorneys, insurance companies, property owners, and anyone else who wants to stand between you and the money you deserve.

We’ll take care of your fight for compensation while you focus on recovering from your traumatic assault injuries and the emotional trauma you’ve endured.

We will:

  • Investigate the assault, independent of prior criminal investigations
  • Interview and depose witnesses to the incident
  • Gather photographs, video footage, medical records, police reports, and other evidence that may be helpful as we build and value your claim for damages
  • Defend against claims that you provoked the attack or share responsibility in any way
  • Deal with issues that might be related to a pending criminal assault case against the defendant
  • Negotiate with other parties on your behalf
  • Counsel you as you make tough decisions, like whether to accept a settlement or reject it and push forward for a potentially better result at trial

Our Las Vegas, NV personal injury law firm works on a contingency fee basis – there’s no cost unless we win your case. Get in touch with our legal team to learn more. Your first consultation is 100 percent free, so call our law office today.

What is Civil Assault in Nevada?

In Nevada, civil assault isn’t just a crime – it’s also an intentional tort. If you are the victim of an intentionally harmful action – like assault – you can file a personal injury claim and seek damages.

So what exactly is assault? Civil assault occurs when one person intentionally causes another to fear imminent harmful or offensive contact. In other words, you’re frightened that another person will hurt you or touch you inappropriately. This fear has to be justified and reasonable, and the person has to have the ability to actually inflict bodily harm. 

You might be the victim of assault if someone:

  • Raises a fist and threatens to hit you
  • Points a gun in your direction angrily
  • Throws a glass bottle at you

You might have noticed that you don’t actually have to suffer a physical injury to be the victim of assault. You just have to have an imminent fear of physical bodily harm, and the other person must have the present ability to cause harm.

Of course, you can file an assault injury lawsuit if you are physically injured. It’s just not a requirement.

Who’s Liable For My Injuries After an Assault in Las Vegas?

The person who intentionally threatened you or caused physical harm can be both criminal and civilly responsible for your costs and suffering. But they’re not the only one.

And sometimes, it makes sense to pursue financial compensation from another party. After all, the person who assaulted you might not have the resources to pay the damages you win. 

Under Nevada law, you may also have the grounds to file a claim based on negligent security, premises liability, vicarious liability, negligence, or another cause of action.

Depending on where you were assaulted, this could mean that one or more of the following parties are liable:

  • Bar, nightclub, or casino
  • Security guard
  • Hotel or motel
  • Landlord
  • Property owner
  • Employer of the person who assaulted you (if the assault happened while they were working)
  • School or daycare center
  • Government agency

Our assault injury attorneys in Las Vegas will work hard to identify anyone who might have contributed to your attack and fight to hold them accountable.

We Handle All Types of Assault and Battery Injury Cases in Las Vegas

Battle Born Injury Lawyers helps victims of assault in matters involving:

  • Bar fights
  • Brawls at sporting events
  • Muggings
  • Robbery
  • Other criminal incidents
  • Bullying
  • Domestic violence
  • Police brutality
  • Sexual assault
  • And more

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our law office in Las Vegas, Nevada if you or a loved one has been assaulted. We will help you stand up and fight to secure financial justice from those responsible.

How Much Money Can I Get in an Assault Injury Case in Nevada?

The value of your civil case will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • The types of injuries you’ve suffered
  • The extent of those injuries
  • Whether you’re able to continue working
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Available insurance coverage
  • Liability
  • Your age and earning capacity

As a general rule, cases involving more catastrophic injuries will be worth more than others. Ultimately, how much your life changes after you are assaulted will dictate your damages. The best way to know how much money you might be able to get in an assault case is by speaking directly with an experienced personal injury attorney near you in Las Vegas, NV. 

What Damages Are Available to Victims of Assault in Las Vegas?

As the victim of assault, you can recover economic damages and non-economic damages when you win a personal injury case.

Economic damages are awarded to offset the financial burdens of your assault injury, such as:

  • Medical bills (present and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Lost benefits
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • Nursing care
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages are awarded to make up for the pain and suffering you experience, as well as things like:

Punitive damages may also be available in civil assault causes. Since assault is an intentional act, a jury may decide that extra financial penalties are appropriate to punish the person who attacked you.

Assault and Battery Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries or Death

A physical attack can be brutal and cause injuries that fundamentally change the course of your life forever.

Battle Born Injury Lawyers represents assault victims who have suffered:

An assault can also be deadly. If a family member has died because they were assaulted in Nevada, our Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys can help you navigate this trying time. 

When Should I File a Civil Assault Injury Lawsuit in Nevada?

You’ll have just two years to file a personal injury lawsuit if you are assaulted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The statute of limitations begins on the date of the attack.

However, there may be times when the clock on your personal injury lawsuit is tolled – or paused – because of related criminal charges. The defendant has the right to concentrate all of their efforts on criminal assault charges (or other related charges) first. Once the criminal charges are resolved, the statute of limitations in your case resumes. 

This doesn’t mean that you should delay filing a claim. There’s a lot of value in getting a jump start on your case. In addition to filing within the statute of limitations, you can ensure that critical pieces of evidence and more accurate witness memories are preserved. 

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