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Have you or a family member recently been involved in a boating accident in Las Vegas, Nevada? Contact Battle Born Injury Lawyers for help getting the money you deserve. Those responsible for your boat accident may be on the hook for the costs of your medical care, disability, and suffering. Our Las Vegas boating accident lawyers are ready to lead you to maximum compensation for your trauma.

Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of clients seek financial justice after devastating accidents in Las Vegas and across Southern Nevada. Our top-rated attorneys boast more than 85+ years of combined experience and have won well over $100 Million on behalf of clients like you. 

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How Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’re Hurt in a Boating Accident

How Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’re Hurt in a Boating Accident

Why did your boat accident happen? Are you sure you can identify every possible cause? How do you know who’s at fault? What happens if someone tries to blame you? What’s your boat injury case worth, anyway?

You don’t have to try to figure out the answers to these questions on your own. When you hire our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, we will handle every aspect of your fight for compensation for you.

Battle Born Injury Lawyers will take on insurance companies and at-fault parties and work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best possible result in your case.

While you focus on getting better, our top-rated litigators will:

  • Oversee a thorough and independent investigation into your boat accident
  • Gather critical pieces of evidence, including property damage, videos, photographs, medical records, maintenance records, hiring records, witness testimony, and more
  • Consult with leading maritime accident and injury specialists as we prepare, build, and value your claim for damages
  • Defend against attempts to blame you for the accident or trauma
  • Negotiate with other parties and insurance companies to secure the best possible terms in a settlement
  • Be prepared to reject lowball offers and bring your case to a judge and jury in Clark County if necessary 

Our Las Vegas personal injury law firm works on a contingency fee basis. There’s no cost to get us in your corner unless and until we win your case.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more and schedule a time for a free consultation today.

How Common Are Boating Accidents in Nevada?

Boating accidents are incredibly common in the state of Nevada. With Lake Mead and Lake Mojave nearby, Las Vegas is home to many of the state’s boat-related injuries and deaths.

In recent years, boating accidents have increased across the Battle Born State. According to the United States Coast Guard, a total of 35 boating accidents were reported in Nevada in 2017. By 2020, the last year for which data is available, Nevada saw 66 boating accidents. 

While total accidents have increased, fatalities have remained fairly consistent over the years. Since 2016, Nevada hasn’t seen more than five fatal accidents or boat-related fatalities in a single year. In 2020, there were a total of three fatal accidents resulting in three deaths.

We Handle All Types of Boating Accident Cases in Las Vegas

No matter how you choose to enjoy the waterways in and around Las Vegas, recreational boating accidents are possible.

When you get hurt through little to no fault of your own, Battle Born Injury Lawyers will be there to help.

We represent clients who have suffered injuries on the water in accidents involving:

  • Speedboats
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Jet skis
  • Yachts
  • Tour boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Houseboats
  • Sailboats
  • Rental boats

Don’t hesitate to contact our law office serving Las Vegas and surrounding cities in southern Nevada if you’ve recently gotten hurt in a boating accident.

What Are the Leading Causes of Las Vegas Boat Accidents?

Most boat and water-related accidents in and around Las Vegas are the result of negligence.

Negligence means that someone has a responsibility to act with care but doesn’t. As a result, another person gets hurt and suffers damages.

Some prime examples of things that can contribute to a boating accident in Las Vegas include:

  • Inexperienced operator unfamiliar with Nevada state boating laws
  • Speeding or operating a vessel too fast for weather conditions
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Violations of boating safety laws and regulations
  • Operator in attention or distraction
  • Failure to yield the right away to other vessels
  • Failure to look for other vessels or watercraft
  • Inadequate vessel maintenance and repair

It’s important to establish every possible cause of a boat accident. Once causation is determined, our boating accident attorneys will be able to move forward with a claim against all liable parties.

Who Can Be Liable For a Boat Accident in Southern Nevada?

Under Nevada law, anyone who contributes to a boating accident can be on the hook for damages.

Following a thorough analysis of your case, our personal injury attorneys may determine that one or more of the following parties are at fault:

  • Negligent boat operator
  • Boat passenger
  • Boat rental company
  • Manufacturer of a vessel or safety equipment
  • Property owner
  • Government agency
  • Employer of a negligent party

Trust that we will aggressively pursue compensation from anyone who shares liability for your boat accident and resulting trauma.

Boating Accidents in Las Vegas Can Cause Serious, Life-Threatening Injuries

Unlike car accidents and other types of accidents on dry land, victims of boating accidents are vulnerable to additional trauma. Water adds another layer of danger – putting victims at risk of drowning, hypothermia, oxygen deprivation, and more.

At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, we represent clients who’ve been in boating and jetski accidents and suffered:

Seek medical attention as soon as you can after you or a loved one gets hurt in a boat accident. Then don’t hesitate to reach out to our Las Vegas law office to arrange a time to discuss your case and legal rights.

What’s My Boat Accident Case Worth?

It’s common to wonder how much money you might be able to get after you’ve suffered injuries in Las Vegas boating.

Every case is different, and every victim is unique. 

In truth, the value will depend on factors like:

  • The types of injuries you’ve suffered
  • Whether expected to make a full physical recovery
  • The extent of pain and suffering you’ve endured
  • Your out-of-pocket costs
  • Your ability to work and earn an income after you get hurt
  • How old you are at the time of your boat accident

Generally, you can expect to recover more compensation when injuries are catastrophic, and the changes to your life are significant. However, it will be important to speak about the specifics of your case directly with an experienced boating accident attorney in Las Vegas, NV. Battle Born Injury Lawyers is here to help. Call us today to discuss your personal injury case.

What Compensation Can I Get After a Boat Accident in Las Vegas?

You can typically recover economic and non-economic damages after a boat accident in Las Vegas.

Economic damages are paid to offset your financial costs:

  • Hospitalization and current medical bills
  • Future medical expenses and ongoing care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Nursing assistance
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages are paid to compensate for injuries that are much more difficult to value in terms of dollars and cents:

If you were hurt intentionally or because someone displayed a reckless disregard for your safety, then punitive damages may also be available.

How Long Do I Have to Seek Damages After a Nevada Boating Accident?

There is a statute of limitations of two-years that applies to boat injury claims in the state of Nevada.

Once the deadline applies to your case expires, so does your right to file a claim and secure life-changing compensation from those responsible for your accident and injuries.

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