Reno Taxi Accident Lawyer

Taxi accidents in Reno, NV can cause severe injuries to passengers, drivers, and other victims. The injuries could lead to life-long disabilities. Therefore, you need an experienced Reno car accident attorney to handle your case.

Battle Born Injury Lawyers opened in 2010 to help injured victims recover the compensation they deserve for their damages. Our top-rated Nevada personal injury lawyers have over 85 years of combined experience handling personal injury cases.

If you were injured in a collision with a taxi cab, we want to help. Contact our law firm at (775) 535-7768 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Reno taxi accident lawyer.

How Our Reno Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured in a Taxi Accident

How Our Reno Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured in a Taxi Accident

Experienced legal counsel can make a significant difference in the outcome of your personal injury case. With the help of a skilled, aggressive Reno car accident lawyer, you have a better chance of receiving a fair settlement for your personal injury claim. 

At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, our attorneys have recovered more than $100 million for our clients since opening our law firm in 2010. We are fierce trial lawyers and aggressive negotiators. As a result, numerous legal organizations have recognized our attorneys and law firm over the years, including Super Lawyers, Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

When you hire our award-winning lawyers, we will handle all matters related to your taxi accident case; we will:

Don’t let an insurance adjuster convince you that you do not need legal counsel. Instead, call now to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced taxi accident lawyer in Reno, Nevada. 

What Types of Damages Can I Recover in a Reno Taxi Accident Case?

The at-fault party could be responsible for your economic damages and non-economic damages resulting from a taxi accident. Sometimes, a defendant’s actions were so outrageous that the jury awards punitive damages

Examples of damages you can receive in a taxi accident claim include:

The value of your case depends on the facts. For example, catastrophic injuries can increase the amount your case is worth. On the other hand, Nevada’s contributory fault laws could reduce or bar compensation if you are more than 50% to blame for causing the taxi crash.

Our Reno taxi accident attorneys will work diligently to maximize your recovery while defending you against unfair allegations of blame.

What Are Common Causes of Taxi Accidents in Reno, NV?

Taxi accidents occur for the same reasons that contribute to the cause of other traffic accidents. Even though a person might have significant experience driving a taxi, they can still be negligent and make mistakes. Furthermore, you cannot predict what other parties might do to contribute to a crash.

Common reasons for Reno taxi accidents include:

The cause of the taxi crash determines who is responsible for your damages. One or more parties could share liability for a claim. Parties liable for a taxi accident include taxi drivers, taxi companies, repair and maintenance facilities, automobile manufacturers, and other third parties. 

At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, we’ll pursue claims against all parties who contributed to the cause of the taxi accident to maximize your settlement amount. 

Common Injuries Suffered By Reno Taxi Accident Victims

Victims of taxi accidents in Reno can sustain multiple injuries. 

Our legal team has experience handling claims involving:

It is essential that you seek immediate medical care after a taxi cab crash. You must prove that the taxi accident caused your injuries. Delays in medical treatment could make it difficult to prove your case. 

What Is the Deadline To File a Taxi Accident Lawsuit in Nevada?

Most claims involving automobile accidents have a two-year statute of limitations in Nevada. The time begins on the accident date. 

Exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations could change the deadline for filing a lawsuit. As a result, the filing deadline could be shorter or longer. 

Therefore, we encourage you to call Battle Born Injury Lawyers now to talk with a lawyer. Missing the deadline waives your right to pursue a claim in a court of law. 

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