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Were you recently injured in a Reno, Nevada car accident involving someone who was driving under the influence? If so, you may have a valid claim for compensation against those who caused your injuries. Our skilled Reno DUI accident lawyers at Battle Born Injury Lawyers can assist you in obtaining the justice and compensation to which you’re entitled.

After being injured in a DUI-related accident, you have every reason to be angry and frustrated. At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, we realize how difficult it is to accept that your injuries could have been prevented if others had acted responsibly. Our Reno car accident attorneys have dealt with numerous injured clients in similar situations, and we have a reputation for success.

Call our law office in Reno, NV at (775) 535-7768 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced member of our personal injury team. We’ll review your case and help you consider the options available to you. Let us handle the legal matters while you rest and recuperate. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are not compensated unless we win. 

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a DUI Accident in Reno, NV

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a DUI Accident in Reno, NV

An accident caused by a drunk driver can be devastating – especially because it was entirely avoidable. The at-fault party may be facing criminal charges, but that doesn’t make you whole again if you’ve incurred expenses due to medical bills and missed work. 

Our Reno DUI accident attorneys will help you hold the responsible party liable for your economic and non-economic damages while you focus on recovering. 

When you hire Battle Born Injury Lawyers to represent you in your DUI accident case, you can expect us to: 

  • Investigate the accident and help you prove that the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Monitor any criminal proceedings and ensure that we meet all deadlines in your personal injury case 
  • Gather evidence, including video surveillance, breath tests, accident reports, and witness testimony
  • Handle your claim from start to finish and negotiate to get you a fair settlement 
  • Take your case to court if negotiations fail to yield the results you deserve 

Call our Reno personal injury lawyers today for a free initial consultation to see how we can help you after your DUI accident. 

Are DUI Crashes Common in Nevada?

Unfortunately, Nevada is notorious for its high rate of drunk driving accidents. In many rankings, Nevada’s most well-known city, Las Vegas, has the dubious honor of being number one among the worst cities for drunk driving.

The state has higher drunk driving rates and related fatalities than the national average. Nevada has strict laws and penalties for DUI due to its problem with drunk driving.

Given that more than 10,000 people are killed annually in DUI-related accidents in the United States, it is not surprising that Nevada has such stringent laws. 

How Does Alcohol Affect the Ability to Drive?

While the effects of alcohol on a person’s system and ability to drive can vary depending on a number of factors, there are some general guidelines for what to expect at various Blood Alcohol Content levels.

The following guidelines illustrate the typical effects of standard drinks at various BAC concentrations:

  • 0.02% – Visual impairment, inability to divide attention, mood swings, and impaired judgment. Typically, this quantity is equivalent to two drinks.
  • 0.05% – No coordination, problems steering, delayed response, diminished alertness, and diminished inhibitions. Typically, this level is equivalent to three drinks.
  • 0.08% – Inability to process information, loss of short-term memory, diminished perception, sluggish speech, diminished vision, decreased reaction time, and deterioration in the ability to recognize danger. This is the legal limit for non-commercial drivers in Nevada and the majority of states.
  • 0.10% – Inability to properly brake and maintain lane position, slurred speech, and poor control and coordination. Typically, this amount is equivalent to five drinks.
  • 0.15% – Substantial impairment. This level typically corresponds to seven drinks.

Because even two drinks can impair critical functions, it’s wise to avoid operating a vehicle after drinking. When individuals fail to take these precautions, they can cause DUI-related accidents—injuring victims like you.

You should not have to pay for the carelessness of another. Our Reno car accident lawyers will do everything possible to hold the responsible parties accountable for what happened to you.

Every accident is unique, and the types of injuries sustained depend on a variety of factors, such as the location, the speed and type of vehicles, and the use of seat belts. However, certain injuries are fairly common in accidents involving DUIs.

Examples of possible injuries that could result from a DUI-related motor vehicle accident include:

Contact our personal injury law firm immediately if you’ve suffered an injury due to a DUI accident. We’ll work to secure a monetary award for you to assist with your injuries and recovery. You can rest assured your case is in good hands with Battle Born Injury Lawyers. 

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Reno, Nevada For Help After a DUI Accident

Any car accident can be tragic and traumatic, but one caused by a drunk driver is particularly difficult to handle. You should not have to endure any of this on your own. Our legal team is at your disposal and ready to represent you against all negligent parties who caused your injuries. Trust us to get the job done.

Call Battle Born Injury Lawyers today to speak with an experienced DUI accident attorney. Your initial consultation is free, and you pay nothing unless we successfully secure a financial award. You have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out how we can assist you.