Broken bones and head injuries are not the only harm you can suffer in a Las Vegas car accident. The sudden nature of most car crashes can also leave you with mental and emotional trauma. These injuries are unseen and may require care and treatment long after cuts and fractures have healed.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is commonly associated with military veterans and first responders. Yet this condition can affect anyone who experiences a traumatic event, including those involved in car accidents. 

Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD affects approximately 3.5% of adults in the United States, according to the American Psychiatric Association. You may suspect that you have PTSD if you notice any of the following behaviors in the days and weeks after a car accident:

Recurring, Troubling Thoughts About the Experience

You may have PTSD if you frequently think about your car accident. You may have flashbacks to the accident or nightmares about it. 

The thoughts associated with PTSD are often intrusive and affect your ability to concentrate throughout the day. If you experience nightmares about the collision, they may occur with such frequency and intensity that they negatively impact your sleep quality.

Change in Behavior and Attitude

You or others may begin to notice differences in your mannerisms and demeanor. You may appear and feel depressed or sad as a result of PTSD. You may experience severe anxiety and panic attacks when something reminds you of your car crash. 

For instance, the sound of squealing tires on a car may trigger a panic attack that sends your heart racing.

Avoidance of Triggering Activities

Post-traumatic stress disorder can also lead you to modify your daily activities to avoid any actions that remind you of your crash. You may stop driving or even riding in a car. Because your mind associates cars with trauma and danger, these avoidance behaviors are your way of protecting yourself from additional harm.

What To Do if You Suspect You Have PTSD After a Collision

People have different experiences with PTSD. Some individuals notice that their PTSD subsides over time, and they can manage their symptoms themselves. 

Others require extensive counseling and therapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), to live with their PTSD symptoms. Psychiatrists and doctors may treat other cases with medications.

If you believe you might have PTSD after your car crash, you should be honest about whether you need professional therapeutic services. If your symptoms get worse or are so severe that they impact your daily life, it may be time to seek professional help.

It is possible to regain control over your life following a PTSD diagnosis. Successfully managing your PTSD can help you sleep better and return to activities you once enjoyed.

If you are working with an attorney to help you with your accident claim, make sure that they know you’re seeking counseling services for PTSD. Services you need to treat PTSD can be an additional expense for which you might receive monetary damages

These damages can reimburse you for money already spent on counseling as well as future expenses you might incur. 

Don’t Suffer Needlessly from PTSD After a Las Vegas Car Accident

The worst thing to do if you believe you might have PTSD is nothing. Ignoring the signs of PTSD will only lead to worsening symptoms. In addition, your enjoyment of life will continue to decrease, and your relationships will suffer. 

Don’t let fear over the cost of treatment keep you from getting help. You can seek compensation for the services you need to treat your PTSD by filing an injury claim. Contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer if you have questions or need assistance

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