Whether you should continue to drive your car after an accident depends on the damage to your vehicle and whether it is safe to drive. However, it also depends on your physical injuries and state of mind. 

What Is the Condition of Your Vehicle After a Car Accident in Reno?

The police officers at the accident scene might be able to assess whether the damage to your vehicle is too severe to allow it on the road. If it is safe to drive, the officer will likely allow you to drive your car after an accident in Reno. 

On the other hand, if the officer believes the vehicle is unsafe to drive, you will need to have your car towed from the accident scene. Typically, it is best to err on the side of caution if there is the slightest chance that the damage to your vehicle places you or others at risk of harm.

Factors to consider when determining whether your car is operable after a traffic accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Is your vehicle leaking any fluids? If so, you should not drive your car until a mechanic checks it.
  • Are all your lights working? You need to ensure that your turn signals, brake lights, and headlights are functioning correctly. If not, it could be dangerous to drive your vehicle.
  • Does the physical damage impact your ability to steer the vehicle? A car accident can damage the alignment, steering, tires, and other systems and parts required to control the vehicle. 
  • Can the vehicle’s doors, hood, trunk, and rear hatch remain closed? If not, driving the vehicle could be dangerous.
  • Did the airbag inflate during the crash? If so, it is a good indication that the vehicle might not be safe to drive after a car accident. 
  • Does your seat belt work? Driving without a functioning seat belt can be risky, especially if other damage causes you to lose control of the vehicle. 

It is always wise to have a qualified mechanic inspect a vehicle after a car accident in Reno. There could be damage that is not visible. A complete vehicle inspection also helps when filing a property damage claim.

Your Health After a Collision in Reno

Your health is the other factor determining whether you can drive your car after a Reno accident. You must be able to physically control the vehicle while driving. 

For example, you need to be able to steer and apply the brakes. A physical injury could restrict your movement. If you are injured even in the slightest, you shouldn’t drive your car after an accident.

In addition to physical injuries, being in a traffic accident can cause emotional distress. 

It is never wise to operate a motor vehicle when you are upset. Driving a vehicle requires you to focus on the road and traffic. If you have any doubts, call someone to drive your vehicle and provide support after a car accident. 

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Reno?

Nevada is an at-fault state for car accident claims. All drivers are required to have a minimum amount of liability car insurance. Therefore, you can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s car insurance company seeking compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

However, you have the burden of proving that the driver caused the accident. Even if you have evidence proving causation for the collision, the insurance company might decide to fight your claim. 

Therefore, the steps you take after a car accident can affect the outcome of a personal injury case. It is important to:

  • Report the accident to the police by calling 911 and wait at the accident scene. 
  • Do not discuss the crash with anyone other than the officer, and do not admit fault for causing it. Your statements could be used to allege that you contributed to the cause of the accident. 
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and use your cell phone to make a video. This evidence could help prove fault.
  • Ask witnesses for their names and contact information. Eyewitness testimony can help prove who caused the accident when each driver has a different version of what happened. 
  • Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Delays in medical care could hurt your case. 

You might also consider discussing your personal injury case with a Reno car accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. The information they give you might not be in your best interest.

The adjuster represents the best interest of the insurance company. Therefore, it is wise to talk with a lawyer before you talk to the insurance company. 

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