Motorcycle Accidents

Do You Have To Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Nevada?

Like many states, Nevada enforces a universal helmet law requiring riders and passengers to wear helmets at all times. Since 1972, Nevada’s strict helmet regulations have kept riders safe and prevented thousands of fatalities.  It’s no secret that motorcycles are highly dangerous machines. Motorcycles lack many of the safety elements found in other passenger vehicles…. read more

The Most Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Las Vegas, NV

Out of all types of motor vehicle crashes that occur in Las Vegas, motorcycle accidents tend to bring the most serious injuries. Motorcycle drivers have little protection from impact with other cars or the road and are at much higher risk of being thrown from the vehicle when a crash occurs.  Knowing the most common… read more

I’ve Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas – Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, NV, you probably need a lawyer. Without a lawyer, you may receive no compensation at all or far less than the amount you deserve. Such a result could be devastating since many motorcycle accidents involve severe and life-altering injuries.  What Can a Motorcycle… read more