Purchasing a motorcycle is a big decision that many people think happens in the spur of the moment. Many believe that they can go out, buy one, and hit the road all during the same day. However, the state of Nevada mandates that all individuals operating a motorcycle have a valid motorcycle license.

How Do You Get a Motorcycle License in Nevada?

A valid motorcycle license is known as a Class M license. It certifies that the operator has undergone state-mandated training and cultivated the skills necessary to safely and competently operate a motorcycle on the road. 

Obtaining a Class M license requires the rider to already hold a Class C license, which is a standard driver’s license. All applicants must successfully pass a vision test, a motorcycle safety course, and a state-certified skills course. 

If the applicant is unable to take the safety course or feels more comfortable communicating through writing, they can ask to take a written test instead.

Coursework and Tests

Successful completion of the following tests is required to receive a Nevada Class M license:

Written Test

The written test can be completed at an applicant’s local DMV. If they are over the age of 18, they can apply for an optional instruction permit, which carries a handful of particular advantages. Whatever the case, the written test must be completed before they can take the skills test.

Skills Test

Applicants must select a motorcycle safety course that has been approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and they will have two attempts to pass the skills test. Passing in either instance allows them to move forward in the licensing process. Conversely, an applicant will be required to take another approved course if they fail.

If an applicant does not want to take the written or skills tests for whatever reason, they can opt for a motorcycle safety course. Therefore, as you consider acquiring your own Class M license, take your own learning styles into account and select what works best for you.

Once completed, those who pass will receive an MSF Card that they can take to the DMV and use to receive a new license, which will display Class C and Class M credentials.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Nevada Motorcycle License?

An applicant’s age and course selections will impact the total length of time it takes to receive their motorcycle license. Depending on scheduling, a safety course can take a few days to complete, with the written course often taking a few hours.

What Are the Age Requirements?

Applicants must be 16 years or older to attempt to obtain a motorcycle license in Nevada. However, state law allows individuals to opt for an instructional permit six months prior to their 16th birthday. 

Regardless, all individuals applying for a Class M license who are under the age of 18 will need to follow some additional guidelines.

First, they must hold an instructional permit for at least six months. Second, they are required to complete 50 hours or more of supervised riding experience. Lastly, they must do one of the following: enroll and complete an approved safety course or complete another 50 hours of supervised riding.

Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in Nevada

Now that you know a little more about the specifics of obtaining a motorcycle license in Nevada, you should be able to craft a study plan that works for your schedule and learning style. Remember to exercise your duty of care on the roads and always maintain an awareness of your surroundings to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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