If you ride a motorcycle, you probably already know how crucial it is that you wear a helmet. But did you know that it may also be a good idea to wear a helmet camera? If you’re involved in an accident, footage from this camera can be some of the most important evidence for a personal injury claim.

There are several benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet camera when you’re riding. Read on to discover some of these benefits and learn how to improve your chances of getting a fair settlement after your motorcycle crash.

Motorcyclists Often Get Blamed

After an accident, insurance companies will often do everything they can to avoid paying a fair settlement. One of their most common plays after a motorcycle accident is to try to push blame for the crash onto the motorcyclist. They’ll say that the rider put their safety at risk by even being on a motorcycle or even that the rider was behaving in a reckless manner that led to the wreck.

A motorcycle helmet camera can be one of your best tools in the fight against the insurance companies. Footage from your camera can show that you were following all appropriate laws and safety procedures. It can also show if the other driver was the one behaving in a reckless manner, undermining the insurance company’s primary strategy.

Footage Can Supplement Your Memory

Unfortunately, another complicating factor in motorcycle accidents is trying to remember what happened after the fact. Crashes are terrifying, and your brain may not store the clearest memory of the event. Further complicating matters, if you get a concussion, your memory could be further compromised.

If you have a motorcycle helmet camera, you don’t have to rely on your memory for an accurate account. You also sidestep any implications from the insurance companies that you’re misremembering things. 

It May Encourage Honesty in Other Parties

One of the most important tools in your defense case is statements from witnesses to the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, you have to trust that people will give honest testimony during your claim proceedings. And, of course, you’ll have the defendant who will likely be trying to put their own spin on the story. 

Having a video of the accident can encourage everyone else involved in your claim proceedings to be more honest. After all, it’s hard to argue with video footage, and generally, people will want to seem honest and trustworthy during claim proceedings. 

It Can Provide Insurance Benefits

Wearing a motorcycle helmet camera can have some benefits outside of personal injury claims, too. Some insurance companies offer discounts for customers who wear helmet cameras since it can make the claims process simpler. It also encourages riders to practice safety more consistently, since they know they’re on camera.

Get Representation After Your Accident

Trying to get compensation after a motorcycle accident can be a challenging process. Wearing a motorcycle helmet camera can help support your side of the story during a personal injury claim. It can help make up for any memory loss you may have suffered, as well as encouraging other parties involved in the claim to be honest in their testimony.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer can help protect you from blame and push for a full compensation offer. Our personal injury lawyers will gather evidence (including helmet camera footage) to support your case and fight for a fair settlement. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your legal options.

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