No matter how careful a motorcyclist may be, motorcycles are still dangerous vehicles. According to J.D. Power, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in an accident than a car or truck occupant. Additionally, eight out of ten motorcyclists who are involved in a crash will suffer an injury or die, whereas only about two out of every ten car drivers and passengers will suffer the same fate.

Manufacturers are, therefore, constantly looking for ways to increase motorcycle safety without sacrificing the characteristics of motorcycles that make riding them a distinctive experience. To that end, some manufacturers and riders install a crash bar on their motorcycles. But just how these devices work and their effectiveness may not be immediately apparent to some.

Motorcycle Crash Bars’ Design and Function

The simplest motorcycle crash bars are horizontal bars of aluminum or steel that extend on both sides. More elaborate designs may appear as metal loops or a large oval extending horizontally from the bike’s side. But regardless of its look, a motorcycle’s crash bar serves one primary purpose: keeping the motorcycle from tipping all the way over in the event of a crash. 

By keeping a motorcycle from fully tipping onto its side, the following benefits are achieved:

Protection For the Motorcyclist

Injuries to the lower limbs account for approximately 55 percent of all sustained motorcycle accident injuries. When a motorcycle falls over in a wreck, your legs can be pinned between it and the ground, easily leading to broken bones in your legs, ankles, and feet. In some cases, you may lose part of your leg or foot as a result of a crushing or amputation injury.

By keeping the bike from completely tipping over, a crash bar can help reduce the harm to your legs. Though it cannot prevent all injuries to your lower legs, it can lower the likelihood of crushing injuries or amputations.

Protection For Your Motorcycle

Similarly, by keeping your bike from fully making contact with the ground, the crash bar absorbs much of the impact that would otherwise be inflicted on the chassis of the motorcycle, protecting it from sustaining severe property damage. What’s more, replacing crash bars is almost invariably cheaper than fixing dings, dents, and scrapes on the body of the motorcycle.

Protection For the Gas Tank and Engine

Two parts of a motorcycle that are especially prone to damage in a crash are the engine block and gas tank. If these parts of the bike are damaged, hot oil, gasoline, and several other chemicals can leak and potentially start a fire. 

By preventing the motorcycle from tipping over completely, a crash bar reduces the likelihood that the engine block and gas tank will suffer the sort of damage that can lead to a dangerous leak or fire.

Consider Installing a Crash Bar on Your Motorcycle in the Event of an Accident

Some newer motorcycles may already come equipped with a crash bar. In the event that your motorcycle does not, you should absolutely consider purchasing and having one installed.

The small investment involved in what may appear to just be a simple metal rod can help reduce the chances of your motorcycle sustaining catastrophic damage in the event of a motorcycle accident. Additionally, it can mean all the difference between losing your legs to severe burns or crushing injuries and walking away from a wreck with nothing more than a few minor scrapes.

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