Amazon Van and Truck Accidents in Las Vegas

Were you injured in an accident involving an Amazon truck or van in Las Vegas, Nevada? If you were, we may be able to help you recover money damages to compensate you for your injuries. At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, our experienced Las Vegas Amazon van and truck accident attorneys have championed the rights of injured accident victims since 2010.

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What Can Battle Born Injury Lawyers Do To Help You After an Amazon Truck Accident in Las Vegas, NV?

What Can Battle Born Injury Lawyers Do To Help You After an Amazon Truck Accident in Las Vegas, NV?

These days, Amazon vans and trucks on the roads are a common sight. Because these drivers work under tight deadlines, they sometimes sacrifice safety for speed. As a result, accidents are bound to happen.

If you were injured by an Amazon van or truck, you shouldn’t have to go up against a retail giant on your own. Amazon has the money and resources to fight your claim. You should have a fighter in your corner, too, so that you can focus on healing.

If you hire Battle Born Injury Lawyers to represent you, you will get a team of lawyers who have a proven track record of getting results for clients who were injured in truck accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through our tireless advocacy and accomplishments, we have:

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Choosing the right attorney to represent you in an Amazon van or truck accident is critical in getting the compensation you deserve. Battle Born Injury Lawyers know all too well the tactics used by insurance companies to settle your claims quickly, quietly, and for far less than your actual damages. 

You should not have to go through any of this alone. If you were injured in a Las Vegas Amazon van or truck accident, we will work hard to get you an equitable settlement. If the insurance company refuses to treat you fairly, we will take them to court

We’re on your side, and we get results. 

Call our Las Vegas, NV, law offices today to talk to our experienced Amazon van and truck accident lawyers. The sooner we can evaluate your case, the sooner we can get to work for you.

What Causes Amazon Van and Truck Accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Amazon’s business model depends on its drivers making deliveries to customers as quickly as possible. The pressure that Amazon van and truck drivers are under to deliver on time can result in them putting safety last. 

As Amazon prioritizes speedy deliveries, Amazon drivers are getting into more and more accidents that have resulted in serious injuries and death. With high expectations that they deliver on time, these drivers are more likely to use less caution when driving. 

Accidents involving Amazon vans and trucks can happen for a variety of reasons. However, many of these causes are preventable. They may include:

Whatever the cause, if you were hurt in a Las Vegas Amazon van or truck accident, trust Battle Born Injury Lawyers to evaluate your case thoroughly. We have years of experience in investigating vehicle accidents and holding negligent parties responsible for the damage they caused. 

What Kinds of Injuries Occur in Amazon Van and Truck Accidents?

Given the size of Amazon delivery vans and trucks, as well as the speed at which they can travel, accidents can result in serious injuries. It is common for vehicle accident victims to suffer the following kinds of injuries:

Even if you do not feel injured after an accident, you should always seek medical treatment. Some injuries may manifest gradually. Your medical history can help establish a link between the accident and any delayed-onset injuries.

Unfortunately, sometimes an accident can be so severe that it results in death. If you were injured in a Las Vegas Amazon van or truck accident, or if a loved one or family member was killed in an accident, call Battle Born Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

Who Is Responsible for an Amazon Van and Truck Accidents in Las Vegas?

In an at-fault jurisdiction like Nevada, where the at-fault driver is required to pay for damages, accurately determining liability is critical.

Most Amazon package delivery drivers are now considered independent contractors rather than employees. This means that you will almost certainly be unable to sue Amazon directly. However, you may be able to make a claim against Amazon’s insurance policy or the driver’s own insurance policy.

Our attorneys can conduct an independent inquiry into your accident to understand and calculate your damages.

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