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10-Year-Old Boy Mauled By Valley Neighbor's Pit Bulls

A 10-year-old Las Vegas boy spent his second night in the hospital after his family said the neighbor’s two pit bulls attacked him.

Guido Mantilla, Jr. suffered bite marks all over his body and has 30 stitches in his head, according to his parents.

“It was intense,” father Guido Mantilla Sr. said. “Not only did he have puncture wounds and bite marks on his face, but also on his skull and on his arms. He had bite marks everywhere.”

Mantilla said his son was on a play date with his neighbor’s son, something Mantilla Jr. had done before.

“They were having a good time,” Mantilla who was there for the first part of the play date recalled. “The dogs at all times were in the cage.”

Before Mantilla left his son at the home, he told the neighbor not to let the dogs out of the cage.

“I said, 'Don’t let the dogs out of the kennel,” Mantilla Sr. said. “He told me, ‘No problem, I’m not going to let the dogs out of the kennel.' I trusted him.”

Mantilla Jr. said the neighbor let the dogs out of the kennel moments before they attacked him.

“I saw one dog have ahold of (Jr.'s) legs, and another had a hold of his head trying to rip him apart,” a witness who asked to remain anonymous said.

“When I took the dogs off him, they were still trying to gnaw at him and get to him.”

The dog owner could not be reached for comment.

Mantilla Sr. said they have been neighbors for six years. The two pit bulls have been around for a year, according to Mantilla Sr.

Metro police and animal control were also not available for comment.

In similar animal attack cases in the past, owners are cited and in some cases, the animals were euthanized.

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