According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 42.5 million Americans, or around 13% of the population, are living with a disability. A fraction of these, about 9.2 million people, receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

If you are searching the internet for “Disability lawyers near me,” it is likely because you have some impairment or condition that makes it difficult for you to work. Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be intimidating, as most individuals don’t know what medical conditions qualify for long-term disability and short-term disability. 

Using 2022 data from the Social Security Administration, there are certain groups of conditions that make up a larger share of approved disability claims than others. Having an impairment that falls within one of these classes is one of the best signs that you will be approved for disability. 

These classes of impairments include:

Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue Impairments

About 34.4% of all disability benefits recipients have a musculoskeletal system impairment or an impairment of connective tissues found in joints. Conditions such as scoliosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia all fit under this classification.


A neoplasm is an abnormal growth or tumor in the body. This includes benign and cancerous growths, both of which can spread throughout the body and impact other systems and organs. This type of impairment affects about 13.6% of recipients.

Circulatory System Issues

An impairment of the circulatory system impacts how blood and other vital substances circulate throughout your body. These conditions affect your heart, arteries, and veins. Of all disability recipients, 11% suffer from this type of condition.

Damage to the Nervous System and Sense Organs

Individuals whose sensory and nervous systems are affected by conditions like meningitis, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease make up about 9.5% of disability benefits recipients.

Those who experience limitations due to a diagnosis of a depressive disorder or bipolar disorder make up 3.9% of recipients.

Neurocognitive Disorders

Neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Disease, and dementia can limit an individual’s ability to function independently at work and at home. About 2.5% of people receiving disability benefits have such a condition.

Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders

Schizophrenia and other mental conditions can cause hallucinations and similar symptoms. Individuals suffering from these kinds of conditions make up 1.7% of all disability recipients, according to the Social Security Administration.

Intellectual Disorders

The list of conditions that fall under the term “intellectual disorders” includes Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Together, this group comprises 1% of all disability recipients.

Other Mental Disorders

Taken together, 3% of disability recipients are receiving benefits because of a developmental disorder. These include things like autism and some other mental health conditions that impair a person’s ability to live and work.

All Other Impairments

A full 19.5% of individuals receiving disability benefits have some other condition, physical or mental, that impacts their lives in some way. Although this category is a broad catch-all, any individual who falls into this group has difficulty holding down steady, gainful employment and caring for themselves because of their condition.

Obtaining Disability Benefits For Your Situation

Are you suffering from a physical or mental health condition that is impacting your daily life? If so, you could be entitled to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

The best Social Security disability lawyers in Nevada will look at your health records and closely examine how your conditions impact your daily life. They can then give you an idea of the likelihood that a claim will succeed and help you apply for benefits.

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