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SpeedVegas Driving Instructor Sues to Close Las Vegas Track

According to US News, SpeedVegas - a tourist attraction that allows customers to drive exotic cars (such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Shelby and Audi) at speed over 150 mph - is in the news again as an employee driving instructor has filed a lawsuit in state court asking a judge to close the course so it can be redesigned.

Last month two people were killed in a crash at SpeedVegas, both the customer and the instructor.

This was a horrible tragedy involving complex issues of law. There is no doubt the driver of the vehicle signed some type of legal waiver stating he and his family could not pursue any claims of injuries or death arising out of his participation in the activity. However, an experienced personal injury attorney would investigate the incident and the circumstances leading up to the incident in order to determine whether proper training and instructions were provided to the driver.

With regard to the instructor/employee of SpeedVegas, his family potentially has two claims: one for worker's compensation death benefits and another for the negligence of the customer/driver, if any. Again, in a complex case such as this, an experienced personal injury attorney familiar with Nevada's worker's compensation system should be consulted by the family of the instructor in this horrible tragedy.