Conventional wisdom would imply that the longer a driver is behind the wheel, the safer of a driver they become. As such, it is readily believed that teenage car crashes occur much more frequently than they do for drivers of any other age group. 

However, you may wonder if there is objective evidence to support that assumption and what percentage of 16-year-olds get into car accidents.

The simple answer is that teen driving statistics do show that teenagers get into more accidents than older drivers. However, a more granular look at the statistics also reveals that the issue is multifaceted. Just because teens are more likely to be involved in crashes does not mean they are the most dangerous drivers on the road.

How Often Do People Get Into Car Accidents in Nevada?

Approximately 5.25 million car wrecks occur each year throughout the United States. Of these, approximately 1.6 million result in injury to at least one person, and about another 36,000 of them involve at least one fatality. The remaining 3.6 million car accidents cause either no damage or only do so to property. 

According to Zero Fatalities, within Nevada, there were 305 fatalities in road accidents in 2019, a number that represented less than one percent of all fatality crashes in the United States.

Teen Car Accident Statistics You Should Know

According to The Zebra, 2,375 individuals between the ages of 13 and 19 lost their lives in wrecks during 2019. Additionally, teen car crash statistics show that those between 16 and 19 years old are three times more likely to be killed in a collision than older drivers. 

There are at least three reasons for serious teen car accidents: speeding, failing to scan the roadway for hazards adequately, and being distracted by someone or something in the car. Teenagers also tend to leave too little distance between their vehicles and those in front of them, reducing the time they have to stop and avoid a crash.

Who Is Most At Risk in a Nevada Auto Accident?

In Nevada, the statistics paint a more complicated picture of who is most at risk of a fatal crash. Adult males between the ages of 21 and 30 are most likely to be riding in a vehicle unrestrained, resulting in death. 

Most surprisingly, though, is that older drivers are most likely to be at fault for a fatal car accident. Drivers 66 years of age and older caused 212 of the state’s approximately 300 fatal crashes, with males accounting for the majority of these wrecks. 

Further statistics show that most of these crashes happen during the day and that most take the form of either side-impact or single-vehicle accidents.

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe in Nevada

National and Nevada-specific statistics reveal that teens, like drivers in other age groups, get into crashes, some of which can be fatal to either the teen or others in the car at the time. Nationally, less than ten percent of all fatalities are teenagers. Within Nevada, it is drivers over the age of 65 who are most likely to cause a fatal crash.

With that being said, even though teens may not be the most at-risk group of motorists or passengers in the state of Nevada, they are still at an elevated risk of harm when they are traveling by car. Keeping your teen safe involves teaching them to put away distractions, to take their time, and to scan the road so they can detect dangers and hazards in time to react to them.

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