The aftermath of a Las Vegas truck accident can be confusing. Many victims are in shock, even if they did not sustain physical injuries. However, it is crucial to understand the legal requirements for reporting a truck accident to the police.

How To Report a Las Vegas Truck Accident To the Police

Nevada drivers have several legal duties if they are involved in a traffic accident. 

Immediately following a truck accident, Nevada law requires drivers to:

  • Stop at the accident scene and exchange information with other motorists;
  • Move their vehicles out of traffic, if it is safe to do so; and,
  • Render reasonable aid and assistance to injured parties at the accident scene, such as calling 911 to request emergency medical services.

The law also requires drivers to notify the Nevada Highway Patrol or the local police of the accident. The easiest and quickest way to notify the police is to call 911 from the accident scene. 

Police officers might not respond to a truck accident if there is no damage and no one is injured. If law enforcement did not investigate the traffic accident at the scene, you must submit a Report of Traffic Crash to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days. 

It is important to fill out the report completely. The DMV will not accept the report unless it contains all the required information for all drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. 

In many cases, truck accident victims are severely injured in a truck crash. Emergency responders will report to the accident scene to provide medical services and transport injured parties to the hospital for care. Law enforcement will conduct an accident investigation and file the required truck accident report.

You can obtain a traffic report from the Nevada Highway Patrol online. If the Las Vegas MPD investigated the accident, you can file an online electronic request or request a copy of the crash report in person or by mail. However, if you hire a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer, you don’t need to worry about obtaining a copy of the truck accident report because your attorney will handle that for you. 

Why Should I File a Police Report After a Las Vegas Truck Accident?

First, it is required by law if law enforcement officers do not investigate the accident at the scene. Second, you want an official record of the truck crash for insurance purposes and if you need to file a lawsuit for injuries. 

A police report for a truck accident can provide valuable information to your truck accident lawyer. 

The police report generally includes:

  • The date, time, and location of the crash
  • The weather and road conditions
  • The drivers and vehicles involved in the crash
  • The registered owners of each vehicle
  • The estimated damage to the vehicles
  • The names of eyewitnesses 
  • Whether each driver contributed to the cause of the crash

The police officers may also note statements made by the drivers and eyewitnesses that could help establish causation and fault for the truck accident. The officer’s conclusions might not be absolute proof of who caused the crash. However, the police report is an official record and provides a starting point for the attorney’s independent investigation into the cause of the truck crash.

Federal agencies may also investigate commercial truck crashes. Your attorney will monitor the investigation to gather evidence that helps support your case. 

What Types of Injuries Are Caused By Truck Accidents?

Large truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles. 

Injuries sustained in truck accidents include:

Victims may sustain permanent disabilities and impairments because of a truck crash. 

Filing a Truck Accident Claim in Las Vegas, NV 

Trucking companies and their insurance providers aggressively defend truck accident claims. They have endless resources to investigate and fight claims. A truck accident lawyer has the resources and skills to fight back. 

Victims of truck accidents can recover compensation for their non-economic and economic damages, including:

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Mental anguish and emotional suffering
  • Loss of income and benefits
  • In-home and long-term nursing and/or personal care
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Diminished earning capacity and future lost wages
  • A decrease in quality of life
  • Scarring, permanent impairment, disability, and disfigurement

Nevada’s statute of limitations limits your time to file a truck accident claim. Therefore, if you are unsure of what to do after a Las Vegas truck accident, it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible. 

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