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Lawsuit alleges sexual assault at youth care facility in Nye County

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A lawsuit has been filed alleging a juvenile resident was sexually assaulted several times while at a youth care facility in Nye County.

The complaint, filed July 22, alleges the plaintiff, identified only as a juvenile resident initialed K.N., was assaulted while staying at Never Give Up in Amargosa Valley.

According to the complaint, K.N. was 11 when he was placed in the custody of Never Give Up and lived there between February and October last year.

K.N. was housed with other minors, and a 16-year-old forced him to perform unwanted sexual acts, the complaint states.

He told his parents about the assaults during an October visit. The parents alerted Never Give Up about the accusations, "to which a staff member informed them this was not the first accusation against the 16-year-old resident," per the complaint.

The lawsuit alleges Never Give Up did not take appropriate safety measures, like providing 24-hour supervision for residents. It calls the alleged lapses as a "conscious disregard for the safety and welfare of" the plaintiff.

Never Give Up also faced allegations of abuse in its facility last year. The Nye County Sheriff's Office said back in December it was investigating reports of physical and sexual abuse, though no other details have since been released.

"Never Give Up has always complied with its reporting requirements, and has gone to great lengths to ensure transparency and cooperation with local and state authorities," the facility said in a statement.

At the time, owner Daniel Cox said the staff did not receive any specific details about the allegations, and the facility has previously reported alleged incidents to state authorities.

The plaintiffs are seeking general and special damages totaling at least $30,000, along with punitive damages at trial. The plaintiff is also cooperating with the Nye County Sheriff's Office, according to his attorney.

News 3 has reached out to Never Give Up for a statement.