Some car owners tint their windows because they like the way the tinted windows look. However, window tint serves other purposes. 

Darkened windows can help keep the interior of a car cooler in the Las Vegas heat. Window tint can also help increase a driver’s visibility on the roadway, which can reduce the risk of a car accident.

However, Nevada has strict window tint laws that car owners and drivers must follow. If not, they can face several penalties for violations.

What Are Nevada’s Window Tint Laws?

Vehicles in Nevada may have tinted windows. However, the window tint must comply with Nevada Revised Statute 484D.440. Window tinting restrictions in Nevada were enacted in 1993. 

Nevada window tint laws restrict the tinting of vehicle windows as follows:

  • Front Windshields – May be tinted above the AS-1 line. This line runs across the windshield about five to eight inches before the top of the windshield. 
  • Driver and Front Passenger Side Windows – Tinting is allowed up to 35% VLT (visible light transmission). VLT is the amount of light that passes through the window after it is tinted.
  • Back Side Windows – There are no restrictions on the amount of tinting on the back side windows.
  • Rear Windows – There are no restrictions on the amount of tinting on back windows.

Tinting can be any color except red and amber. These colors may confuse some individuals into thinking the vehicle is an emergency vehicle. 

There are some exceptions to the window tint laws in Nevada. You can file an Application for Window Tint Exemption with the Nevada Department of Public Safety. 

The most common reason for granting an exception to the window tinting restrictions is for medical reasons. You must have a doctor’s recommendation for the VLT percentage based on a clinical diagnosis. 

Other exemptions include operating a vehicle exclusively as an ambulance or a hearse. There are also exemptions for government vehicles operated for surveillance, forensic purposes, undercover operations, or canine transportation. 

Could Window Tint Impact a Car Accident Settlement in Las Vegas, NV?

In most cases, you can see through window tint. However, window tinting can be dangerous if the tint violates the law or obstructs the driver’s view. It could increase the risk of a car accident in that circumstance. 

When someone causes a car accident in Las Vegas, they can be held liable for the damages caused by the crash. Damages can include, but are not limited to:

The injured victim can file an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s liability insurance carrier seeking compensation for their economic and non-economic damages. The victim may also pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for damages. 

However, the at-fault driver and their insurance company might allege that the tinted windows contributed to the cause of the car accident. Under Nevada’s contributory fault law, as we’ll discuss in more detail below, the victim’s damages can be reduced by their level of fault.

How Does Contributory Fault Impact a Car Accident Claim in Nevada?

Nevada has a modified comparative negligence law. According to Nevada Revised Statute 41.141, comparative negligence is not an automatic bar to recovery of damages. However, the victim’s negligence cannot be greater than the negligence of the other parties to the action to receive damages. 

Therefore, suppose a jury determines that the window tint in your vehicle contributed to the cause of the car accident by reducing your ability to see clearly. The jury decided the window tint contributed 45% to the cause of the crash. They award damages in the amount of $500,000.

Instead of receiving $500,000 for your car accident case, the court reduces the amount by 45% or $225,000. Because the jurors decided you were 45% at fault for causing the accident, you will only receive $275,000.

However, suppose the jury finds that the window tint was 55% of the reason for the car accident. In that case, you would receive no month for your car accident case. If your blame is 51% or higher, Nevada’s contributory fault law bars recovery.

The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that your window tint meets legal requirements. You should also ensure that you have unobstructed views from all windows in your vehicle.

Hiring an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney also helps. Attorneys understand how insurance companies use comparative negligence claims to avoid liability for car accident claims. They are prepared for this tactic and know how to defend you against unjust allegations of fault.

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