Las Vegas is known for its heavy traffic, which has only gotten worse in recent years. The city is also no stranger to car accidents. Hearing sirens is a daily event in the city, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to tell how often Las Vegas collisions have a deadly result. 

Your odds of dying in a car crash in Las Vegas have risen considerably in recent years. Taking a look at the city’s crash data can give you some pointers on how to avoid ending up in a fatal car accident. 

The Chances of Dying in a Car Accident in Las Vegas

A recent study on car accident frequency in major cities ranked Las Vegas 22nd in the nation for the worst traffic. When you look closer at Las Vegas accident statistics, things don’t look much better.  

Data from recently studied years shows that the Las Vegas area sees close to 20,000 car accidents annually. That comes out to a rough average of 50–55 car accidents each day. Fortunately, only a small fraction of these end up being fatal.

The most recent data from the Office of Traffic Safety shows that over the five-year period of 2017–2021, Clark County saw a total of 1,036 deadly accidents. That comes out to an annual average of around 200 fatal crashes per year. 

Las Vegas Sees Rising Fatality Rates

However, this number may be on the upswing. Data for 2022 shows that the fatality rate in Las Vegas rose to one of the highest in the state’s history, with a total of 382 fatal accidents. The city’s rising fatality rate is low compared to the total number of accidents, but it still raises valid concerns.

The data shows that your odds of dying in a car crash are much lower than the overall chance of being involved in a collision. And fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay safe on Las Vegas roads. 

Factors That Increase the Chances of Dying in a Car Crash 

Knowing some of the primary factors that lead to fatal crashes in Las Vegas can help you make driving choices that reduce the risk of death or injury. Las Vegas crash data doesn’t just deliver numbers — it also looks into causal factors behind the city’s deadly crashes. 

According to the same five-year report from the Office of Traffic Safety, data on deadly accidents in Las Vegas shows that: 

  • 47% of accidents involved impaired driving
  • The majority of impaired drivers were aged 21–25
  • 29% of accidents involved speeding
  • The majority of speeding drivers were aged 21–25
  • Intersection accidents were the third most fatal accident type

Everyone knows that driving sober, obeying the speed limit, and paying attention at intersections are all factors that can help you stay safe on the roads. However, Las Vegas’s sobering fatality rate data shows just how much of an impact these actions have when it comes to avoiding a fatal crash.

Fatal car accidents in Las Vegas bring untold suffering. If a family member is killed in a Las Vegas crash, dealing with the aftermath can feel overwhelming.

If your loved one is killed in a car accident, you can speak with a Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer from Battle Born Injury Lawyers about recovering wrongful death compensation. This money can compensate you for things like funeral and burial expenses, the deceased’s expected income, and medical bills they incurred before death.

Consulting a lawyer can provide relief for financial concerns related to a deadly accident in Las Vegas. Perhaps more importantly, knowing the most common causes of fatal crashes can help you avoid the chance of getting in a car accident altogether.

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