“How long after settlement do I get my money?” This is a common question many people ask when meeting with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. However, the answer to that question depends on several factors.

How Long Do Personal Injury Lawsuits Take to Settle?

Most personal injury claims do not go to trial. Claims are generally settled between the parties before a lawsuit is filed. So even if you file a lawsuit, you could settle the case before it goes to trial.

Generally, settling a personal injury claim results in receiving your money more quickly than going to court. A court case could take more than a year to go to trial after the case is filed. Regardless of whether you settle a claim or go to trial, some factors impact how long it takes to receive a settlement check after a personal injury.

The Severity of Your Injuries

It is unwise to settle a personal injury claim before reaching maximum medical improvement. At that point, your doctor feels that any further medical treatment will not significantly improve your condition. 

Many people recover fully from an accident. However, you could sustain permanent impairments. 

Settling the claim before knowing the extent of your injuries could result in a much lower settlement amount. You could be entitled to compensation for future damages, including diminished earning potential, continued medical treatment, future lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering.

The Time it Takes to Investigate the Claim 

You have the burden of proving that the other party caused your injuries. You must have evidence proving causation, fault, and damages. It takes time to investigate a claim and gather the evidence necessary to establish liability.

It could take several months to investigate your claim. Numerous factors impact the duration of an investigation. 

For example, product liability claims and medical malpractice cases generally take longer to investigate than a rear-end car accident or red light accident. One reason is that these complicated cases often require hiring expert witnesses to assist in the investigation. 

Another example might be a commercial truck accident. In these cases, multiple parties could be liable for your damages. It takes time to identify all parties and gather evidence determining each party’s role in causing the truck accident. 

Allegations of Comparative Negligence 

If the other party alleges you are partially to blame for the cause of the accident, it could extend the duration of the investigation. Insurance companies use comparative negligence allegations to reduce your claim amount. 

Under Nevada’s modified comparative negligence laws, your compensation can be reduced by the percentage of fault you have for causing an accident. If your percentage of fault is 51% or more, you are barred from receiving any money for your claim. 

Unfortunately, if the insurance company tries to shift the blame to you, you may need to file a lawsuit to prove that you weren’t to blame for causing the accident. 

Most injury victims are entitled to compensation for their economic damages or financial losses. They are also entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering or non-economic damages. However, placing a value on damages can be challenging.

Insurance companies consistently undervalue damages. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible to resolve your personal injury claim. Your attorney could spend several months negotiating the value of damages even if there is no dispute regarding liability for the cause of the accident or injury. 

How Long After a Settlement Do I Get Paid?

After a settlement, personal injury lawyers track the settlement check. Typically, the insurance company issues a settlement check within a few days after signing the settlement agreement. However, it could take a few weeks before you receive your money.

Before your lawyer can give you any money, they must pay any outstanding medical bills, subrogation claims, and medical liens. To put as much money in your pocket as possible, your attorney will negotiate with medical providers and health insurance companies to decrease the amount you must pay them to settle the lien. 

It could take a couple of months to negotiate the settlements for medical liens and subrogation claims. However, patience during this process could result in a much larger settlement check for you. 

Get In Touch With an Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer to Get as Much Money in Your Pocket as Quickly as Possible

The goal is to recover maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. Quick settlement offers from insurance companies are often for amounts much lower than the claims are worth

It is always best to consult a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement offer. Many law firms offer free consultations, so it doesn’t cost you anything to obtain legal advice about your accident. 

Once you accept the settlement and sign an agreement, you cannot sue the other party or demand more money for your claim. Therefore, you need to ensure that the amount you receive covers all damages resulting from an accident or other personal injury.

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