How do you define a “minor” car accident in Las Vegas? For example, is it a “fender bender” that causes minimum property damage and only slight soreness and bruising? If so, do you need to hire a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for a minor car crash?

If you ask the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim, they will likely tell you that you can handle your claim without a lawyer. Remember, the insurance adjuster protects the insurance company from liability. Therefore, if the insurance adjuster says that you do not need an attorney, it is a sign that you should talk with a lawyer before saying anything else to the insurance company. 

A Minor Car Accident Can Turn Into a Major Personal Injury Case

There is a risk of injury during all motor vehicle accidents. What you assume is soreness from the collision could be a symptom of a more serious injury. Therefore, seeking immediate medical care after a car accident is always best for your health and a potential injury claim.

A doctor analyzes your symptoms and performs tests to determine the extent of your injuries. After running tests and performing a complete medical exam, the doctor determines you sustained severe injuries. Instead of a few days recuperating at home, you might need surgery or physical therapy to heal from the accident injury.

Likewise, until you talk with an accident lawyer, you cannot be sure whether you need to hire a lawyer after a minor car accident. The facts and circumstances of the car crash could result in you being sued for damages. But, on the other hand, you could have a claim against the other driver for damages. 

Generally, you need to hire a personal injury attorney if:

  • You sustained injuries in the car accident
  • You are being blamed for causing the car crash
  • Multiple people were involved in the accident
  • Your child was injured in a traffic accident
  • The insurance company refuses to process your claim
  • You are unsure what damages you could receive for a car accident claim
  • The insurance adjuster brings up allegations of failure to mitigate damages or contributory fault
  • You do not know what your personal injury claim is worth
  • The accident involves a commercial truck or government vehicle
  • Your doctor advises you that you sustained a permanent impairment or disability

The above list does not include all reasons why you should hire an attorney after a car accident. The best way to know if you need an attorney is to meet with an attorney. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, so it costs nothing to talk about your car accident with a lawyer.

What Damages Could I Receive for a Minor Car Accident in Las Vegas?

The severity of the accident and the injuries you sustained impact how much money you receive for your claim. However, all accident victims have the right to pursue a personal injury claim for their emotional, physical, and financial losses.

Therefore, economic damages for a minor car accident could include the following:

You are only entitled to reimbursement for the actual financial losses incurred because of the accident. Therefore, if you did not lose time from work because of the crash, you would not be entitled to compensation for lost wages. 

In addition to your monetary losses, you can also file a claim for non-economic damages after a minor car accident, including:

  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Permanent disabilities and impairments
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Proving non-economic damages can be challenging. The determination of how much someone suffers is subjective. Having detailed medical records, photographs of injuries, and a journal detailing your struggle to recover can be helpful. 

Will a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Take a Minor Car Accident Case?

Accident attorneys typically accept cases on a contingency fee. They are paid a percentage of the amount they recover for your claim. If they do not recover any money for your case, you do not owe them any attorneys’ fees. 

Therefore, the amount of your damages and the value of your case are factors a lawyer considers when deciding whether to take a minor car accident case. If you did not sustain serious injuries and your damages are minor, the lawyer might advise you that the current offer from the insurance company is fair. 

When a lawyer takes a case on a contingency fee, he expects to win. He also expects to recover enough money for your case to cover the lawyer’s time pursuing the claim. Therefore, if a lawyer takes a minor car accident case, it is because the lawyer believes he can recover a sufficient amount to make the case worthwhile.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help You With a Minor Car Accident in Las Vegas?

Car accident lawyers diligently pursue claims to recover fair settlement amounts for their clients. Steps that your lawyer might take when handling your case include:

  • Monitor the accident investigation by law enforcement agencies
  • Obtain a copy of the police report to review
  • Conduct an independent accident investigation to gather evidence and identify all parties who contributed to the cause of the crash
  • Verify insurance coverage and file insurance claims
  • Document your damages and work with medical experts to determine the extent of your damages
  • Hire accident reconstructionists and other experts, as necessary 
  • Calculate the maximum value for your case and negotiate with the insurance company to recover that amount
  • Advocate for you at trial, if a lawsuit is necessary to protect your best interests

Handling a car accident claim can be overwhelming and frustrating. Hiring a lawyer after a car accident means you do not have to handle the claim alone. You have a legal advocate fighting for you who handles all aspects of the case while you focus on healing from your injuries. 

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