The left lane is reserved for vehicles traveling more quickly on a motorway with many lanes. If you are in the left lane, you should move over and let the motorist behind you pass if they are traveling faster than you are. This practice is a codified traffic regulation that applies to all Nevada roadways.

The maximum speed for all heavy trucks on highways with at least two lanes traveling in the same direction is generally 70 miles per hour in Nevada unless a speed restriction sign specifies otherwise. Trucks in Nevada are not permitted to travel in the leftmost lane on highways with several lanes due to their slower speed.

Nevada’s Left Lane Laws

If a driver travels so slowly that they obstruct traffic, they must switch to the right lane.

This principle was recently codified by the Nevada state legislature. Notably, Nevada Assembly Bill 334 states that if a motorist in the left lane knows or should have known that they are driving below the official speed limit and are being passed by a vehicle moving at a higher speed, they may not continue to operate their vehicle in that lane.

The Nevada legislature passed this law in 2019. 

Exceptions to Nevada’s Left Lane Law

In any of the following six situations, motorists who are traveling in the left lane may continue there:

  • The lane is intended for high-occupancy vehicles (an HOV lane)
  • The driver is otherwise operating their car legally, and they are about to pass another vehicle or make a left turn
  • The vehicle is involved in highway construction or maintenance
  • Traffic conditions, bad weather, or directives from a safety officer make it necessary to drive in the left lane
  • The driver is driving an authorized emergency vehicle while performing official duties 
  • The driver is driving a vehicle inside a city or town

People can thus attempt to claim that they come under one of the exclusions mentioned above if they are fined for driving too slowly in the leftmost lane. For example, drivers are permitted to use the leftmost lane while they are inside Las Vegas city limits.

Can a Police Officer Pull You Over for Driving in the Left Lane?

A misdemeanor is committed in Nevada when certain traffic regulations are broken. The punishment is not specified in the statute’s language, but fines could increase with each offense. The DMV can also suspend a commercial driver’s license when a truck driver disobeys traffic safety rules. 

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Las Vegas

For the protection of drivers, trucking regulations such as left-lane limitations, truck-only lanes, and others are in place. They aim to keep drivers and trucks as far apart as they can. A truck driver who disobeys a state regulation runs the risk of causing a collision. 

Consult a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer if you are involved in a truck accident in Nevada to learn more about your legal options for pursuing compensation from the truck driver or trucking business for your injuries.

Gather details regarding your truck accident, including the trucking firm’s name and the vehicle’s license plate number. Take pictures of the crash and any associated damage. 

If you’ve been hurt, get to a Las Vegas hospital immediately. Maintain copies of your medical records and police report. Then, bring all of your evidence to a local personal injury attorney for evaluation. If someone else was responsible for your accident, a lawyer could be able to assist you in claiming compensation.

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