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Breaking Down The Law: How can businesses owner recover amid pandemic?

After months of being shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, many small businesses have started to reopen.

But the recent riots and looting in major cities across the country has resulted in damages to businesses, including stolen property and in some cases major property damage.

Like with Business Interruption coverage issues due to the pandemic, businesses are questioning whether their insurance covers damages caused by riots and civil unrest.

And with the major casinos preparing to open this week, there are questions as to what can be done to protect customers given the current environment.

Here to discuss the issues is attorney Matt Hoffmann with Battle Born Injury Lawyers.


We know there is a lot of litigation regarding business interruption coverage and COVID-19. Is there any question that businesses affected by riots and looting will be covered?

- On the surface, it would seem like there should be no question on coverage.

- Business insurance traditionally covers damage to the property itself, and then there is coverage for inventory.

- So if your business suffered property damage or items were stolen, it seems pretty clear there should be coverage.

- However, there is a common Endorsement that can be added to policies, limiting coverage in the event of Riots and Civil Unrest.

- Where this comes into play is in cities or specific areas of cities where there has been a history of riots and looting.

- So Los Angeles after 1992, Baltimore in recent years - these would be areas where you may see this Endorsement come into play.

- But, in general, any small business owner who has a policy in place should contact their insurer and check whether this Endorsement is part of their policy.

- If it is and they are concerned it could be an issue, they should seek options to change the policy - but know it will come with a higher premium.

2. Casinos are reopening this week, and it appears there are a lot of people coming. With the recent situations following protests, what should people know about Casino properties and

actions they could take to protect employees and guests?

- I think the first thing people should remember is that while protesting is protected free speech, there is no right to conduct a protest on private property.

- So I expect the casinos to have greatly increased security in light of recent events, and unlike the public streets and sidewalks, the casinos are private property.

- Security has every right to remove people from the premises, and even to detain them temporarily while waiting for law enforcement.

- So for those working on the strip, I would expect to see a huge increase in security to protect not just the customers and casino property, but the employees. And rightfully so.