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Stolen Car Casues Crash in East Valley

One person is in critical condition after a three-car crash involving a stolen vehicle in Las Vegas. Two separate incidents occurred - the first at the intersection of Pecos Road and Harmon Avenue and the other at the intersection of Harmon Avenue and Sandhill Road.

According to reports, a stolen vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed prior to the incidents. The suspected driver of the stolen vehicle is in custody.

Our thoughts go out to the critically injured victim and their family in this incident. Situations like this should never occur, but they are an unfortunately reality in large metropolitan areas such as our city. Something many people do not realize is that a stolen vehicle is more often than not an "uninsured" vehicle. Thus, there will likely be no insurance available to seek recovery from in incidents such as these unless the injured victims have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Given the high costs of medical care combined with the risks inherent with living in a large metropolitan area, everyone should carry such coverage if at all possible.