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Henderson Bicyclist Struck by Hit and Run Driver, Catches It on Camera


A bicyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Henderson and caught it all on his bike camera.

"I think its a great way to get around and I can bike to work and I'm really only ten minutes slower than if I drive to work," biker John Mercer said.

He bikes about nine miles to work almost everyday, he said.

But on Thursday, his commute took a scary turn when a driver hit him and then took off on Wigwam and Stephanie .

"I yelled and he couldn't hear me and I couldn't stop in time. Fortunately I stayed upright I was able to stop and my chain was knocked off," he said.

After the collision on Wigwam Parkway and Stephanie Street, Mercer looked over the video from his bike's cameras. He caught the driver's license plate number and called police. Hours later they called him back and told him they found the driver.

"This driver clearly knew he made a mistake. He's a young driver and he needs to learn: one mistake like that can be fatal especially for cyclists," Mercer said.

He said he forgave the driver and was no longer upset with him. But he said this isn't the first time he's been hit while on his bike, and he wanted to remind drivers and other cyclists to look out for each other.

"There are times when it's a little scary or worrisome, you have cars going faster than you. You're trying to keep up and stay out of their way and it's not always easy," he said.