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Attorney Matt Hoffmann Discusses Tenant-Landlord Legal Disputes on Morning News

If you have ever rented an apartment, home, or even a commercial office space, then you know the headaches of security deposits. The concept behind a security deposit is the money is used by the landowner only if it is needed to restore the space after your lease ends. However, in the majority of cases, landowners find a way to claim the full deposit, like paying for extensive, high-priced, and ultimately unnecessary carpet replacement.

Las Vegas Morning Blend – a morning news program popular throughout Las Vegas Valley – recently spoke with Attorney Matthew Hoffmann of Battle Born Injury Lawyers to discuss tenant rights, namely those pertaining to security deposits. Attorney Matt Hoffmann began by urging people to be meticulous when recording and photographing any preexisting issues with the rental space right after the initial move-in date. Many people are blindsided by lost deposits based on problems they did not cause, but did not correctly catalogue.

In the likely chance a landlord does try to charge you for damages you did not cause, a thorough catalogue will allow you to highlight the fact that the issue was preexisting. Following up with a certified demand letter for more of your deposit back will not only show the leasing office that you are serious about your right to your deposit, but it will also help you in small claims court, if necessary. Even though there is no guarantee, most leasing companies will back down from a small claims court case that is propped up by solid evidence and a paper trail of emails and other communications.

Attorney Matt Hoffmann next addressed how landlords and landowners have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect tenants from crime – assaults, robberies, etc. – that is known to occur commonly in the area. Failing to do so can make the property owners directly liable for any damages, including property loss and bodily harm.

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