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Las Vegas is 21st most dangerous metro area for pedestrian deaths

Las Vegas is among the most dangerous metro areas when it comes to deadly auto-pedestrian accidents, according to a new study.

A report by researchers at the UNLV School of Medicine puts Las Vegas as the 21st most dangerous metro area for pedestrian deaths. According to the report, the most frequent crashes range between 2012 and 2016.

Dr. Deborah Kuhls, a trauma surgeon, and professor of surgery with the UNLV School of Medicine says they just received two grants of over a million dollars to tackle the problem.

"Our main goal is to identify the behaviors and how they lead to increase injury, and then we try to quantify the economic impact," Kuhls said.

According to Kuhls, sometimes crashes are unavoidable, but most are caused by distractions.

"I would love to see people not getting killed as they are crossing streets," she said.

Many in the valley agree with Kuhls saying change needs to happen now.

"I was just crossing the street on Pecos, and a white truck hit me," said Salvador Iglesias.

"Lots of homeless and jaywalking I had to -- immediately within milliseconds -- switch to the left lane to keep from hitting someone," Justin Sanford said. "Had I hit him, I guess I would be facing manslaughter."

"I got hit in the parking lot over at McDonalds one time and then just right here by the laundry mat," Aron Chaplan said.

However, all of these incidents are avoidable.

"It's just certain things that they just need to develop some type of something that works out for pedestrians and people commuting," said Chaplan.

That "something" is exactly what Dr. Kuhls and her team will continue to work on to bring the number of crashes down in the valley.