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Former Bodybuilder Sues Gym Claiming Life-Changing Injury

Hitting the gym is supposed to make you stronger. But a Las Vegas man tells Contact 13 how a routine workout did just the opposite, changing his life forever.

He had high hopes to protect and serve. A young man with ambition and a passion for physical fitness. But his dreams were snapped away in a split second when a routine exercise became "All Pain with No Gain."

"I wanted to be a police officer."

Jordan Flentge's life goal was law enforcement. He wanted to work at the CIA. And, he was a force to be reckoned with.

"I was a body builder. Actually used to compete in competitions."

But you'd never know that looking at him now.

"I'm existing. It's not even living anymore," says Jordan.

For Jordan, a walk through the park is no picnic as he winces with every step from chronic pain in his back and down his legs.

"They're always in pulsating pain and burning," he explains.

On May 19 of last year, Jordan was working out on a cable machine at this EOS gym on Lake Mead and Buffalo Drive.

"I was pulling back towards my face and when the cable snapped," Jordan recalls. "It caused my shoulder to hyper-extend itself behind my head."

"The lower half of my back and my tail bone were the first thing to hit the ground," he says.

They called for an ambulance and Jordan was rushed to the hospital.

"They told me that my collar bone was fractured." says Jordan. "My discs between my L5 and S1 were completely dead."

Jordan is suing EOS, claiming they failed to inspect and keep the machine in proper working order.

And court records show this isn't the only time.

Attorney Chris Sullivan is working another case claiming EOS is negligent for not maintaining equipment.

"We've got reports of multiple people being injured at the gym," Sullivan says.

Jordan's friend, Steve Moyer, is one those people.

"Watching Steve do his workout, and the cable snapped on him, right in front of me," says Jordan.

Tendons in Steve's shoulder were torn, requiring surgery according to Sullivan. He believes two serious injuries just months apart point to a pattern.

"There was a problem and they did nothing," explains Sullivan. "And then the 2nd injury occurs."

In court records, EOS denies it's the gym's fault, adding that Jordan and Steve knew there was risk.

Jordan fears someone else who's not in the top physical shape he was in could get even more badly hurt.

"And for what? Not wanting to replace a $50 cable?"

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