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Multi Agency Exercise This Week On Interstate 11

According to CBS, Las Vegas, multiple agencies including police, fire and rescue units and emergency medical personnel are doing exercises three days this week on an interstate that’s not even finished.

On May 22nd, 24th and 26th, the Nevada Highway Patrol and its unmanned aerial vehicle, along with workers from the Nevada Department of Transportation, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, local law enforcement, fire departments from the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and local towing companies are coming together to provide hands on experience with simulated crash scenes on the unfinished Interstate 11.

Every minute counts, and every minute that a crash remains on the road, chances of a secondary crash increases by 2.8 percent. Every minute the road is blocked, it takes an additional 4 minutes to clear crash related congestion. About 22 percent of all crashes are secondary, meaning they can be attributed to the first crash. Out of those secondary crashes, as many as 18 percent have proven fatal. In the past few years the Las Vegas Valley has experienced a paradigm shift in how the regions’ first responders handle Traffic Incident Management. Tim Szymanski is the spokesperson for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Over 44 percent of the state’s responders have received the same training focused on safe, quick clearance of crashes, with a goal to remove non-injury crashes within 30 minutes or less, 60 minutes to clear minor injury crashes and 2 hours to clear a fatal or hazmat scene. These goals require experience working together.

This type of multi-agency, multi-discipline activity will test the skill of all agencies working together to provide safe, quick clearance and will support the new Statewide Open Road’s Policy, signed by the Governor, the Director of Public Works and the Director of the Nevada Department of Transportation just two weeks ago.