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Teen Died Trapped Under Truck in Lake Mead Rollover Crash

CBS Las Vegas reports that last Friday afternoon a 17-year-old Henderson boy died trapped under a truck in a rollover crash at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.The crashed happened near Nelson’s Landing, where the boy was found ejected from a vehicle. On Sunday the coroner reported that the boy died of mechanical asphyxiation and also had multiple blunt force injuries to his torso. The death was ruled an accident.The driver in the crash has been arrested, though neither the park service nor Las Vegas police had updates on the case as of Sunday. The park has said that the man was seen driving erratically at excessive speeds before losing control of the pickup truck along a dirt road.

First and foremost, our condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim of this tragedy. Whether it be speeding and stopping issues, failure to maintain lane, judgment errors or lack of vigilance. All of these categories fall under the umbrella term, erratic driving and can be very dangerous to the driver and the vehicles around him. If you are injured in an accident involving an erratic driver it is important to hire attorneys who know how to recover all of the damages available to compensate the victim for their injuries. Call Battle Born Injury Lawyers if you or a loved one have been the victim of an erratic driver and schedule a free consultation.