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Motorcycle Rider Injured After Casino Parking Gate Crashes Down

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A motorcycle rider is claiming a recent visit to Caesars Palace for lunch ended with a trip to urgent care after a pay-to-park gate malfunction.

Former motorcycle racer and current cancer patient Craig Knapp says the trouble began on Oct. 18 when he left Caesars Palace around 12:30 p.m.

He was leaving the mega resort after lunch with a friend. He headed to the available gate in the parking garage to insert his pay-to-park ticket.

Knapp says the gate was having a hard time accepting his ticket. After a few minutes, a call box attendant finally got the machine to accept the ticket and the gate went up.

"The gate went up so I said 'well, thank you.' The gate went to the top and I put it in gear and I pulled ahead." said Knapp.

Knapp says his full-face helmet blocked his view from what was about to happen.

Knapp says his motorcycle moved about 10 feet when the gate came down, striking him in the head.

The incident broke off parts of his expensive helmet and left bruises on his arm.

"My first reaction was "Wow, what the hell just happened?" said Knapp.

"If I had been wearing an open face helmet, like a lot of people do, it could've broke my nose, my jaw, knocked all my teeth out or whatever," added Knapp.

Knapp filed a claim with Caesars Palace after the incident. Two months later, he says it has gone no where.

"I kind of got the runaround," said Knapp.