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Bus Safety Event Seeking Zero Fatalities In The 2018 School Year

CBS, Las Vegas, reports that on Monday traffic safety experts along with officials from Clark County School District Police (CCSD), Metro Police, CCSD Transportation, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSN), State Transportation Department and worker with Community Ambulance, gathered to discuss ways for school area children to be safe in and around buses in the Las Vegas metro area.

Monday kicked off Zero Fatalities for Children in the 2018 School Year, something that was not achieved last school year. While there were no bus fatalities for children last year, there were incidents where children were injured.

There were also thousands of times that drivers in Clark county who pass buses with their stop arm out, which is to say that children were getting off the bus and could be crossing the street, with drivers putting their safety in jeopardy.

Also with busing zones being further away for high school students, many teens are opting for the RTC bus in order to get safely to school.

All of these things were covered Monday, along with discussing the Nevada Stop Arm Survey, which was just released on Friday, as well as a mock traffic stop, demonstrating driver responsibility when a driver approaches a bus with their stop arm extended.

Diana Hollander, Director of Student Transportation for the State Education Department, and President of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services, just released on Friday, the national data for numbers of drivers passing school buses with their arms out. With only 20 percent of drivers responding to the one day count, national data from 30 states show that 96,540 drivers reported 74.421 violations in just one day, which is .77 passes per driver.

Using the 20 percent of drivers figures, they project that 13 million cars violate the bus stop arm annually.