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Henderson Police Target Distracted Drivers

Don’t speed, talk or text on your cell phone or eat, especially if you’re driving through Henderson during the next couple of weeks. According to CBS Las Vegas, that’s because Henderson Police, along with other officers throughout the Las Vegas Valley, have started a two week traffic enforcement campaign, targeting distracted drivers.

As part of Joining Forces, a statewide law enforcement program, agencies will work together in an effort to make roads safer by enforcing distracted driving laws such as talking on cell phones, running red lights and speeding. The enhanced enforcement of distracted driving laws started on April 1 and runs through April 15.

While using a cell phone may be the most commonly thought of form of distracted driving, many other activities can cause drivers to lose focus and lead to a crash. These include things like eating, talking to passengers, changing radio stations and adjusting climate controls.

As a driver it's so important to be mindful of distractions, because you aren't just putting yourself in danger, but your passengers and other drivers as well. It's also important to keep in mind, if you are ever injured in an accident involving a distracted driver to reach out to attorneys to help you recover all of the damages available to compensate for injuries. Call Battle Born Injury Lawyers if you or a loved one have been the victim of a distracted driver and schedule a free consultation.