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Battle Born to add Accident Response Team!

Las Vegas police have announced a shocking new policy - they will no longer respond to auto accident scenes unless an injury is immediately reported. But, Nevada law requires you to file a traffic accident report with the DMV if the police do not respond, and insurance companies routinely rely on these reports in determining who is at fault.

If the police will not help you, Battle Born will! Battle Born has assembled its Accident Response Team. If you are in an accident and the police will not respond, call Battle Born at 570-9000 and we will come to you.

The likely result of the police new policy? Whoever is the best at document the accident is going to come out on top - even if it is their fault! You now need legal representation at the scene to ensure you are not wrongfully held responsible for repair costs and medical bills caused by the negligence of someone else. Battle Born Accident Response will help you document and photograph the accident scene, and prepare the necessary paperwork for the DMV. Best of all the service is FREE!

Call Battle Born at 702-570-9000.