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Las Vegas Personal Injury FAQs

Our compilation of personal injury FAQs below can help you know how to proceed after suffering an injury in Las Vegas. Please call Battle Born Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss or claim or any additional questions you may have.

  • What should I do at the scene when I am involved in an accident?

    If there are serious injuries, you need to call 911. For accidents with property damage but no serious injuries, call the police. In Las Vegas you can dial 311. Additionally, you should, if at all possible, try to exchange personal and insurance information with all other drivers as well as take photographs of the accident scene.

  • Should I talk to the police?

    Yes, you should. Whether or not you believe you are at fault, you should cooperate with police officers at the scene. Limit your discussion to the facts; do not place blame or accept blame for the accident.

  • What if I was not wearing a seat belt?

    In Nevada it is impermissible for the defendant to admit evidence at the trial that you were not wearing a seat belt for the purposes of claiming you were at fault for the accident or suffered more severe injuries as a result.

  • Should I call my insurance company even if the accident was not my fault?

    Yes. Whether or not you were at fault, either you or your attorney should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after an accident. It is important to only relay the facts of the accident.

  • Should I call the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

    No. Before talking to another driver’s insurance company, you should consult a personal injury attorney. Consultations with Battle Born Injury Lawyers are free. Call (702) 570-9000.

  • What do I do if the other driver’s insurance company calls me?

    If you have retained an attorney, tell them who your attorney is and how to contact them; then say nothing more.

    If you haven’t retained an attorney yet, tell them you plan on speaking with an attorney and will have your attorney contact them once retained. Don’t say anything beyond that. Call Battle Born Injury Lawyers at (702) 570-9000 as soon as possible for a free consultation.

  • If I don’t feel hurt, should I still visit a doctor?

    It is always wise to go to a doctor after you’ve been in an accident. Even if you feel fine, you may have hidden injuries. Oftentimes you will not feel the effects of an injury for a day or two. Make sure to tell the doctor of all complaints, no matter how minor.

  • If I receive a check from the other driver’s insurance company, should I cash it?

    No. Do not cash any checks without speaking with your lawyer first. You may unintentionally waive claims by cashing a check.

  • Where do I get my car fixed?

    It is your legal right to decide where you want your car to be repaired. Though you may not be eligible for reimbursement for dealer manufactured parts, a good body shop or collision center will work with your insurance company to ensure that your vehicle is repaired with premium parts that have excellent warranties.

  • Who is responsible for providing me with a rental car?

    If you have rental car coverage on your existing auto policy, that is often the simplest way for securing a rental car while your vehicle is being fixed. Your insurance company will seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company afterward.

    If your insurance policy does not have rental car coverage, the other driver’s insurance company will often arrange for a rental car for you if they are not disputing liability. This can take time, and is not always as smooth as clients would prefer. If a rental car is not provided during their investigation, you are entitled to be compensated for “loss of use,” which is typically a daily charge for each day you are without a car.

    Unlike many personal injury lawyers, the attorneys at Battle Born Injury Lawyers will assist you with the property damage portion of your claim at no charge.

  • What if I am hurt but don’t have health insurance?

    Battle Born Injury Lawyers can help you secure medical treatment on a lien basis. This means that your doctors will forgo collection on your medical expenses until a settlement has been secured on your claim.

  • Who pays for my medical bills?

    There are a number of different avenues for paying your medical bills, including:

    1. Health Insurance – If you have health insurance, your insurer will cover your medical bills as provided in your policy. If a settlement is reached, your health insurance has a right to be reimbursed for the amount paid for your medical costs (known as subrogation) from the amount recovered from the other driver’s insurance. In very limited circumstances, a subrogation waiver can be obtained.
    2. Medical Payment Coverage – If your auto policy, or the policy of the owner of the vehicle in which you were a driver or passenger, has Medical Payment Coverage (known as “Med Pay”), your doctors can bill directly to the auto insurer. Some homeowner and/or property insurance policies also provide Med Pay benefits. In Nevada, an insurer providing Med Pay has no right to reimbursement from settlement proceeds.
    3. Proceeds of Settlement – Most settlements received from the at-fault driver’s insurance company will be based upon your medical records. The settlement proceeds can be used to pay all outstanding medical bills, including any treatment performed on an attorney lien basis.
  • How much does it cost for a consultation?

    Our consultations are FREE; call (702) 570-9000 to meet with a Battle Born Injury Lawyer today.

  • If I lose my case, will I have to pay attorneys’ fees?

    No, not at Battle Born Injury Lawyers. If we do not secure a settlement, judgment, or verdict, you owe nothing.

  • Why should I hire an attorney?

    Insurance adjusters are good at making you feel as if they are looking out for your best interests, but it’s important for you to remember that their company makes money by minimizing the payout to claimants. It is difficult for someone injured to know the true value of their claim and what their entitlements are. At Battle Born Injury Lawyers, we dedicate ourselves to maximizing the recovery of our clients. We deal with insurance companies every day and we know the value of your case.

  • If I file a personal injury claim, will I have to go to court?

    You will not have to go to court if the other driver’s insurance company properly assesses the value of your claim and offers settlement outside of litigation. This situation is what happens in most cases. There are times, however, when the insurance company is acting unreasonably and a lawsuit must be filed. Even so, it is rare for a case to go to trial or in front of a jury.

  • What is my case worth?

    Each case is different and unique and a number of factors must be considered, including insurance coverage(s) available, mechanism of injury, and the damages you’ve sustained. The exact type and amount of damages that you will be awarded depends on both the circumstances of the accident as well as the injuries you’ve suffered.

    Depending on the specific circumstances of your situation, the compensation you’re entitled to may be based upon the following:

    • Current and Future Medical Expenses
    • Wages Lost
    • Lost or Reduced Earning Ability
    • Inability to Perform Household Services
    • Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering, which can include:
      • Mental Anguish
      • Reduced Enjoyment of Life
      • Permanent or Long-term Disability
      • Disfigurement
      • Loss of Consortium

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